Marilyn has taken up quilting in a very big way. Since summer of 1996, and she has designed and produced a great number of quilts, most as gifts for family members. Here in Punta Gorda she works with two helpers most of the time.

Click here to see Marilyn and the helpers.

Marilyn joined the Peace River Quilters Guild in 1997 and is currently president of the organization.

Here are some samples of the types of quilts which Marilyn made during the last few year.

The Quilts belong to groups as follows:

Kinder Quilts, made for local school children, so they can take a comfortable nap each day.

Grandmas' Flower Garden used in our house so folks don't know we need a paint job.

Place Mats, made for slobs and their sloppy families and friends.

Table Runner, decoration for the center of a table, it hides the spills and scratches.

Christmas Tree Skirt, hides the mechanicals and keeps the critters from drinking the tree water!

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